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♡ Meet the Owner ♡

Hello! I'm Josie, I have always loved candles. I love the idea of having a clean burning candle that is good for the environment, packaging and all, without sacrificing the affordability and fragrance quality. I began making my own candles as a hobby. I studied them and made sure to put 110% into making them great. Once I had too many candles to fit in my home I thought it was a great idea to expand my creativity and create an affordable, eco friendly brand for everyone to enjoy and feel good burning in their homes. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. ♡

♡ About Us ♡

Our scented coconut soy candles have been designed to complement a wide range of aesthetics.  Candles in vessels that are trendy and classic with a solid feel without being too heavy.  The brand is simple and understated, allowing the scents to speak for themselves.

For every order made, one Native Australian Tree is planted so you can feel good about your purchase from the second you order your Candle.

Read Here to find out more on our sustainability incentives ♡

Every single product is hand poured and in small batches by me to ensure each candle has a strong fragrance throw from the first burn right down to the last.  From the very beginning my mission has been to create a high quality product that you fall in love with and feel good when buying and burning from start to finish. ♡



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